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Shogomoc Bridge Grand Opening!
The New Brunswick Trails Council celebrated the opening of the Shogomoc River Pedestrian Bridge today with special guests Premier David Alward,Valerie_Pringle_Trevor_Holder_Brian_Clark the Honourable Trevor Holder, Minister for Wellness, Culture and Sport and Minister for Tourism, and Valerie Pringle, co-Chair of the Trans Canada Trail Foundation.  

“The completion of the 265-foot suspension bridge is the only missing link of the trail from Woodstock to Fredericton and is a key component in the development of the Saint John River Trail. With the completion of this project we will be able to create a continuous link from Grand Falls to Fredericton, a section of more than 220 km” said Brian Clark, President of the New Brunswick Trails Council Inc.  

NB Trails contributed $ 305,000 towards the completion of the bridge.   The St John River Trail, when complete, will form a major portion of the Trans Canada Trail in New Brunswick and will create a three-day bicycle route tourism product.